Do you have ideas ? We can help you develop them !  Do you want to do business ? Become one of our affiliates and you can be a protagonist in the world of online publicity .

For years, the group of professionals making up has been engaged in creating internet portals promoting luxury destinations such as the French Riviera, Tuscany and other fine places. Today, our savoir-faire is available to anyone with a spirit of initiative and a desire to take up a profession that is in tune with the times, and in full flow. One does not need to invest a large amount of money or maintain an expensive office and high-outlay staff.
Just one person with strong entrepreneurial spirit can run an entire portal ! Your office ? An internet-linked computer ! At the other end is a team of more than 10 people ready to actuate your ideas and suggestions; the team is your team ! How ? Have a good look at the following information, idea by idea :

The Net Excellence team at your service
- Our own optimized control panels allow speedy insertion of new sponsors, your sponsors.
- Publicity material comes from your clients ( copy, photos…)

Where to have your office

- You do not need a physical office ! Relocation is the new solution for modern logistic and economic problems. Internet and other advancing technologies allow remote management of working relationships, even when technical matters are involved.
- Appointments are kept at client’s premises, using pre-existing internet connections or wireless ( internet key ).
- There are no logistics to work out or materials to have to hand, just a state-of-the art computer linked to internet, a printer, fax, and a fixed or mobile phone.
- Your physical presence is needed only for the appointments organized by you; the work as such will be done by our base team.
- Your office is wherever you are connected, be it an apartment, office, an internet cafe or sunny beach.

You can stay in contact with the team at
- By phone ( today, low-cost fixed or mobile telephony allows direct contact and unprecedented technical assistance ).
- VoIP technology ( Skype is the best known ) will allow you to speak anywhere with anyone, free, or almost.
- You will have, by-appointment, 7/7 - 24/24 telephone assistance through Skype.
- Skype allows free video conferencing and very long conversations.

What do you have to do ?
Sell publicity on your internet portal, of which you will be manager, and then make money !
You are the one who will make appointments with clients and commercially promote the portal that we will build for you. Each time you make an agreement, you will organize the sending of copy and photos that clients will send you by e-mail ( a copy to us ) and wait for us to insert it into your  portal. After that, you only have to bill your client and receive the agreed payment.
You should not wait for people to call you in order to sell publicity; you will offer your portal via mail shots, telephone and personal contacts.

- Mobility : you can work wherever you are connected
- Time management : you can work where, when and how much you want
- Earnings : according to your ability in selling, you can arrive at substantial earnings right from the your first year, and you can also create your sales network and grow it in importance.
- Prestige : you will present yourself as the Manager of an international media and will be invited to international-level lifestyle events; hotels, restaurants, art galleries and fine events will not be slow to invite you in order to get to know better the portal and its Manager.
- Low-risk : investments are minimal; selling 5/6 contracts will already repay your annual investment.
- International visibility : as well as the presence of your online portal, we offer the chance of being present at all forms of promotion by the Group, promotional pages in luxury magazines where we have for years made publicity investments will also present your portal and the destination you are promoting. Furthermore, where Net-Excellence sets up its stand, you too will be a member of the network and be able to invite clients and organize meetings there during luxury events. More information >>

We are a consolidated group that has for years been a point of reference for online media in one of the most difficult areas to establish in : the French Riviera. Our results and the dominant poisonings of our portals on search engines allow us to boast of a credibility and efficacy that no other website or portal can claim.
The widespread presence of our advertising pages in international lifestyle magazines, catalogs of luxury events and local or national newspapers, allows us to direct the attention of many selected visitors toward new destinations, and, through inter-portal connections, toward your portal, including many users who have known us for years.  
Your internet portal will quickly start to get visits, meaning soon having potential clients.

To whom is this franchising directed ?
- To Business agents with experience of selling advertising space, online or in other media
- To managers who are already in charge of their own agency and who wish to expand toward internet
- To those who believe in the continuing growth of publicity via internet and wish to enter this ever-growing world. Creating a new internet portal from scratch is now almost unthinkable; why waste time and money in new projects if there is a consolidated solution ready to develop your ideas ? Many have imitated us; none have yet equaled us !
- To companies working in the sector : union is strength, and the creation of an association between various agencies, aiming at an international high-purchasing-power target, could be a low-cost solution for one’s own advertising, with special offers and even….presenting companies one works with in exchange for business favors.
- To young entrepreneurs who intend being independent, concentrating on a project that can bring together various professional figures: journalists, photographers, sales agents.
- To web agencies that already work with internet and have a baggage of possible clients who are aware of all that is offered by internet and online visibility. Becoming an affiliate of will confer prestige and greater credibility on your projects; the new websites of your client companies can be inserted in the portal and thus increase the visibility of your official site, also allowing you to increase prices for your services and consequently receive an increase in turnover.
In the specific case of web agencies, you can publicize your own services on the portal created by us for you, thus being able to offer correlated services such as internet creations, graphics, etc….
Our portals have been present since 2005 in more than 20 glossies and top-level international magazines, and at an average of 4 stands per year at luxury events on the French Riviera and in Italy, with related whole pages of publicity in luxury catalogs. We also have more than 280 external links with our client companies, and over 15,000 profiled registrations for the newsletter. All this and much more makes us unique and difficult to emulate, as online presence is just a small part of the visibility that is ours.

Click here for the conditions and more information about becoming one of our affiliates >>

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