3D Rendering

Welcome to the world of the THIRD DIMENSION . Today, synthesized pictures and 3D images, commonly called 3D RENDERING, have become indispensable for presenting, bringing out, and selling your various projects. be they housing, architecture or urban development, Net-Excellence.com has chosen the best operators in the business, who have for years planned 3D renderings in areas where image and real estate are at the top international level: the French Riviera.

Thanks to the Net-Excellence.com team, today there are no limits to 3D presentation of your projects.

Are you looking for the best ? Trust our experience and passion, gained in the unforgiving environment of the French Riviera & Principality of Monaco, our main area of operations. Projects of great prestige and top names such as the Gruppo de Angelis have entrusted us with extremely high-value business; we can also bring the same quality to your plans.
With a view to bringing a new dimension to your business, and to convince partners and future clients, 3 D views of your ideas will be an effective means of communication as part of your commercial policy. An endless choice of materials, shapes and viewpoints will guarantee the desired result, in many cases well beyond your expectations.

It is not necessary to be close to the worksite; modern technologies allow remote video conferencing and e-mailing of even heavy files. Starting from an AUTOCAD project, for example, we can construct your virtual project.
We can create fixed views or video presentations in 3 D.

Especially ideal for real-estate projects, 3D rendering allows promotion and offers of sale for a property even while it is still being planned; many of our clients sell all even before the end of construction.

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