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Online Visibility

A website, even an attractive one of the latest generation, is still just a drop in the internet ocean. Publicity investments in internet portals visible on search engines are the best way for whoever seeks to increase the number of hits on their own site or simply to increase online visibility. portals not only increase the number of visits toward sites maintained by that portal’s sponsors, but also allow the creation of true “mini-sites” linking them directly to the client’s own structure, such "mini-sites" being easily positioned on search engines. The result is immediate excellent positioning on search engines and an increase in visits to the site; the external link will also give the same search engine positional advantages to the client’s own site.


Today’s solutions for rendering more visible a website are :
Google Adwords : where a single click can cost as much as 2.50 euro ( example: 30 clicks / visitors per day @ 2.50 euro / click = 75 euro per day x 30 days = 2.250 euro per month ). This solution is decidedly the best, but also the most costly .
Publicity in newspapers, specialist magazines, radio, television, where costs can vary from a minimum of 600 euro ( for very short periods ) to the top in specialist magazines that can get to more than 8,000 euro per issue .
Exchange links with a many sites as possible, including social networks ( Facebook ), meaning for the most part having traffic that is little interested in what you do, or even visitors who arrive by mistake on your site, confused by a profusion of links .
Position your website in the highest natural positions on the first pages of search engine results ( Google in particular )    
The fine art of natural positioning on search engines
Many studies demonstrate it: getting into the first few results on search engines is the best way to get new clients and generate worthwhile traffic on internet. Such positioning therefore becomes a work tool, a generator of contacts, of visibility, of increased income.

See for yourself the visibility that we manage to achieve in various languages :
Italian language - see Guida Costa Azzurra >>  Saint Tropez >>  /  noleggio yacht Costa Azzurra >> 
english language - see Riviera Excellence >>  French Riviera jet charter >>   Cannes jet charter >>  /  French Riviera rent a car >> 
and many others...see a photogallery below.

Contact us today to get a better idea of the possibilities that our themed portals can offer to companies that understand the importance of always being visible on internet.


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