Websites creations

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Websites creations

Internet presence gives a concrete possibility for any company to grow its market. For any organization an effective instrument for reaching users.
Internet is today the best means of communication for making known one’s company without limits of time or space. Nothing is better than internet for allowing one to get to know one’s contacts and to satisfy their needs in a personalized way.

The web is a theater of robust competition. Only with the right approach, with knowledge and professionalism, can one be sure to reap the harvest. Only quality websites, easy and intuitive to use, those really planned with navigators in mind, can show out on internet.

Here are the guidelines we use for every one of our web projects :
PLANNING : understanding the client’s needs, studying the business, the position, the market, the message and then arriving at defining the basic strategy for the project, then using this to create the project structure, logic, interface, graphics and content.

USABILITY : a website is usable when it satisfies the informational needs of the final user who is visiting and consulting, offering ease of access and navigation and allowing a good level of understanding of the contents.

ACCESSIBILITY : find the right solutions to allow all users to access the contents and services available online, removing obstacles or offering valid alternatives.
Today, the main concern is the growing and variable panorama of ways of exploiting the web: navigation not just from a PC but also with portables, palm pilots, cell phones, IPHONES...
Content that is more accessible is ready to last over time.

INNOVATION : always being updated, anticipating new technologies, picking up on every change in the web to be able to offer you the most functional and technologically advanced solutions.

MULTIMEDIAL : it is possible to make communication richer by using animation, three-dimensional pictures, aerial photography, video presentations, or their combinations.

MANAGEMENT : our clients can modify the content of sites that are subject to frequent modifications (e.g. price lists, room availability, special offers, event listings, …) directly from their own computer, autonomously and easily, without having to acquire specific skills.

VISIBILITY : To increase access and visibility of one’s site, it is necessary to get good positioning on search engines.
This can be done by using particular strategies and an optimization of the site, allowing precise indexing of the site by search engines.

Web site by :
- web portal dedicated to the Dubai & Abu Dhabi lifestyle
- official web site of luxury antiquarian gallery in Lyon - France
the official web site of the concierge agency in Italy
- the web site dedicated to the switzerland luxury services
- luxury villa for sales in French Riviera & Italy
- design restaurant in Nice & New York
- marketing consulting agency
- the most important web site dedicated to the luxury services in French Riviera
- the most important luxury web site for Tuscany region
- the most important and actractive french riviera photostock

Together with, you can obtain all the advantages that the web can offer. Contact us today for a quote without any obligation .


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